Therapy VIP

Private jet cruising at sunsetTherapy VIP was developed with the vision of providing therapeutic opportunities to better meet the needs and goals of clients working in demanding industries.  Dr. Campbell’s exclusive VIP services provide more convenient and comfortable options for clients with busy schedules, demanding lifestyles, and frequent travel.  Therapy VIP is structured to ensure each client receives the highest quality of personalized care to help transform their life through a combination of face-to-face sessions and e-therapy such as intensive Skype and phone sessions.

Dr. Campbell recognizes the sensitive nature of seeking personal and/or professional therapeutic services.  Therefore, her top priority is to ensure client’s rights to privacy, anonymity, and confidentiality within professional limits.  Therapy VIP clients may incur an additional fee for concierge services, and are required to have an initial phone consultation, followed by an assessment to determine an approach to best suit their needs.

Dr. Kate CampbellsmAs a therapist and consultant, Dr. Campbell is highly sought after for her relational expertise, advanced clinical training, solution-oriented strategies, customized interventions, and sound ethical practice.  Her brief therapy skills and strength-based approach enable her to work with clients more efficiently and effectively.

Dr. Campbell utilizes a comprehensive therapeutic approach in her work with individuals, couples, families, and teams.  She does so by understanding the context of each person in relation to their professional experiences, interpersonal relationships, home environment, health/well-being, cultural background, and family history.  Dr. Campbell is passionate about empowering clients to reach their optimal potential both personally and professionally.

If her schedule allows, Dr. Campbell may accompany clients on location, providing traveling and hotel expenses are covered.