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Hello, I’m Dr. Kate Campbell and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit my website! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MT 2369), Hypnotherapist, Adjunct Faculty Member in the Family Therapy Department at Nova Southeastern University, and Immediate Past President of the Broward Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  In addition, I am a Clinical Fellow of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), a AAMFT Approved Supervisor, and a Qualified Supervisor with the State of Florida.  In addition to being Founder and President at Bayview Therapeutic Services, I am also Co-Owner of K2 Visionaries, LLC, a personal and professional development company.

Over the past 10 years, I have gained extensive experience working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families who desire to enhance the relationships they have with themselves, others, and their profession.  My areas of expertise involve working with people suffering from the effects of depression, anxiety, mood instability, psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), eating disorders, addictive behaviors, substance abuse, grief/loss, divorce recovery, interpersonal relationship difficulties, self-esteem issues, career development, vocational concerns, professional burnout, infertility, infidelity, bullying, conflict management, and/or a combination of life’s stressors.  I completed Levels 1-3 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

At this time, I am currently accepting new clients at Bayview Therapeutic Services, PA located in east Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


What to Expect in Therapy

My passion is making a positive difference in the lives of other people by helping them to enhance life’s relationships and embrace life’s possibilities.  Each day, I feel honored and privileged to engage in therapeutic conversations that facilitate hope, healing, and empowerment. I am proud of my work, because I see people’s lives change in amazing ways and I am often inspired by their intrinsic strength and resiliency.  I am driven to help clients overcome the adversity they face and create positive changes in their relationships with self, others, and work leading to more balanced and harmonious lives.  My focus is to empower people to reach their optimal potential both personally and professionally through using brief and effective strategies.

It is my belief that people are fully capable of utilizing their strengths, resources, and innate resilience to create the life they truly want and deserve.  I realize that it takes strength and courage to reach out and accept therapeutic support.  Although some people attach a negative stigma to therapy, seeking therapy actually means that you value yourself, your relationships, and your quality of life enough to ask for help.  In fact, recent studies suggest that the average person, couple, or family receiving therapeutic services is significantly better off than 80% of those who don’t seek treatment.  Choosing a therapist who is a good fit for you and passionate about their work is extremely important, because the therapeutic relationship is the second most influential factor in successful client outcomes..

Within the therapeutic relationship, clients can expect that I will support them in navigating through times of difficulty; provide genuine empathy, understanding, and validation; empower them to reclaim their personal authority by making positive life choices; collaborate with them in facilitating healthy changes in relation to presenting problems; and invite them to discover or rediscover hopes for living meaningful and effective lives.  I encourage you to take a leap of faith and begin your empowering journey by contacting me to get the personalized help you deserve.

Through a passionate commitment to the art of healing, I help clients develop uniquely tailored solutions leading to the enhancement of multiple aspects of life.  I am fully committed to providing the highest level of customized services to exceed client’s individualized needs and expectations.  My intention is to empower people to help themselves with a variety of presenting problems.

My role as a therapist is to become an agent of change for my clients by incorporating brief and effective therapeutic strategies.  I utilize a collaborative and solution-orientated approach to discover how each individual’s experience can be embraced as an opportunity for enhanced learning, forward movement, and positive growth.  By exploring how to build upon strengths and past successes, I empower each person to connect with more preferred experiences in life leading to greater possibilities for happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction.

Through a passionate commitment to the art of healing, I help clients develop uniquely tailored solutions leading to the enhancement of multiple aspects of life.  I am fully committed to providing the highest level of customized services to exceed client’s individualized needs and expectations.  My intention is to empower people to help themselves with a variety of presenting problems.

In my opinion, therapy is a process in which people seek change within themselves, their relationships, and/or current situation.  These changes can be behavioral, affective/emotional, cognitive, relational, or a combination thereof.  Each individual, couple, and family is unique and therefore deserves a customized approach to best meet their therapeutic goals.  Therapy can be short-term or long-term depending on the nature of the problem.  I work closely with clients to co-construct meaningful goals that are specifically tailored to reduce the effects of the presenting problem in their life.

My intention is provide a safe, confidential, and supportive atmosphere that promotes health and wellness through enriching the mind, body, soul, spirit, and relational connections.  Clients often comment that our ‘spa-like’ atmosphere helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable about going to therapy.  I approach each therapeutic session with genuine warmth, acceptance, curiosity, and empathetic understanding to validate and empower my clients.

In order for the therapy to be most effective, clients must be open to the possibilities of change, be active participants both in and between sessions, and be willing to take small steps toward their goals.  Participating in the therapeutic process can lead to benefits such as: a reduction in distress through resolving the specific concerns brought to therapy; increased clarity and insight; and an improved ability to handle or cope with personal, couple/marital/relational, family, work, and other problems as well as stress.  Other possible benefits include a greater understanding of personal and relational goals and values; greater maturity and happiness as an individual; and increased relational harmony.

Dr. Kate Campbell

Couples Therapy 90
Family Therapy 95
Individual Therapy 85
Disorders 75

Dr. Kate’s Qualifications

Clinical Experience
Clinical Experience

I began practicing psychotherapy in 2003 and quickly discovered my passion for the field and vision for my professional future.  In 2006, as soon as I graduated from the Master’s program, I incorporated my first business and set forth on a rewarding journey to make my entrepreneurial dreams become a reality.  In 2011, I expanded my practice with Bayview Therapeutic Services, PA, (BTS) and in 2014, co-founded K2 Visionaries, LLC, a personal and professional development company.  As the owner and director at BTS, I provide a beautifully decorated space and comfortable atmosphere where clients can feel more relaxed about coming to therapy.  Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of 12 exceptional practitioners who specialize in different areas and are also passionate about their work.  This enables us to collaborate with one another to ensure each client receives the highest quality of therapeutic services.

As a therapist who is passionate about working with couples, I completed Levels 1-3 in Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

In addition to private practice, I am an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Family Therapy Department at Nova Southeastern University.  Over the past decade, I have worked within a variety of mental health settings such as: residential substance abuse treatment facilities, intensive inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities, brief therapy clinics, crisis intervention centers, and community mental health organizations.  A large portion of my post-graduate clinical work took place at a local Intensive Outpatient Program where I facilitated a Solution-Oriented Behavioral Health group.  Additionally, I co-developed an exceptional internship program that provided master’s level and post-graduate registered interns an opportunity to receive ongoing live supervision and participate in co-therapy.

Educational Background
Educational Background
Both my Master’s and Doctorate degrees were awarded from the Family Therapy program at Nova Southeastern University.  My love for the profession inspired my dissertation research entitled, ‘Passionately Committed Marriage and Family Therapists: A Grounded Theory Exploration of What Works.’  This qualitative research is published through ProQuest Dissertation Abstracts International.  Furthermore, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development and Family Relations with a Minor in Psychology from East Carolina University.

In 2014, I became an adjunct faculty professor in the Family Therapy Department at Nova Southeastern University. It’s an honor to continue teaching, mentoring, and supervising masters and doctoral students who are passionate about making a difference!

Immediate Past President of BAMFT
Immediate Past President of BAMFT

The Broward Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is South Florida’s premier association of marriage and family therapists.  BAMFT provides MFTs and their professional colleagues the opportunity to network, collaborate, and fulfill the State of Florida’s continuing education requirements for licensure and renewal.  The Broward Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is a vibrant chapter of the Florida Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, which is a Division of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

As Immediate Past President of the Broward Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (BAMFT), it was an honor to give back to my profession by helping BAMFT thrive.  My intention was to make BAMFT a well-known resource for students, registered interns, and licensed therapists across our south Florida community.  BAMFT continues to offer a variety of exceptional educational workshops with Continuing Education Units, professional networking events, opportunities for collaboration and case consultation to meet the needs of our professional community.

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Dr. Kate’s Success Stories

Dr. Kate was the best therapist I’ve ever had!  She was  professional, compassionate, and caring.  Her solution-oriented approach really worked for me and it helped me to save my marriage.
Dr. Kate made us feel comfortable and provided an environment that we could start opening up to each other . We saw a huge difference in our marriage right away!
My experience working with Dr. Kate was a really a life saver!  It was so helpful to have someone listen, provide empathy and know that the information shared was confidential.  She was so welcoming and provided wonderful tools that helped me process thoughts and situations.  I always felt a weight lifted when leaving.
Dr. Kate’s counseling produced immediate results.  I felt improvements in my mood after every session, including the first.  Today, I am back to where I felt before my personal crisis, perhaps better!
I felt welcomed, understood, and valued.  It was as if our relationship mattered as much to Dr. Kate as it did to us.  It was an enlightening experience and very applicable to our future thoughts and actions.
My experience working with Dr. Kate was great.  She was very insightful and full of knowledge.  Being able to get my thought out in an environment free from judgment was priceless.
We are so impressed with the changes our daughter has made.  She faced her issues, gained self-confidence, found healthier ways to express emotion, and is back to herself again.  Dr. Kate helped her to take her power back, find love and acceptance for herself.
Dr. Kate took a  genuine interest in my well-being.  She was curious, a great listener, and her feedback and suggestions helped me get back on a smooth even-keel.  Her  treatment was effective, and it’s great to feel back to myself again.
Dr. Kate helped me to resolve my core issues and I learned to process them without getting stuck in them.  For the first time in many years, I no longer struggle with depression.
My teenage daughter loved working with Dr. Kate.  She felt comfortable, which allowed her to open up and express her feelings.  She also felt empowered by Dr. Kate’s guidance.