Reclaim Your Life | Individual Therapy

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  • Are you looking for solutions to better deal with the challenges life throws your way?
  • Do you ever feel like stress is taking over your life?
  • Would you like to feel happier, more fulfilled, and satisfied with your personal and professional lives?
  • Have you ever struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, or an eating disorder?
  • Do you sometimes wonder if you’ve lost your purpose or direction in life?


If you can relate to any of the above experiences, you’ve come to the right place!  Everyone goes through difficult situations in life and there is nothing wrong with seeking additional support when needed.  Don’t be mislead by my license as a “marriage and family therapist”, because I frequently provide individual therapy as well.  Although I have extensive training and experience helping people overcome a wide range of presenting problems, here are a few descriptions of my approach to individual therapy with specific challenges.

“I operate from the assumption that life’s challenges are separate from the individual person, couple, or family presenting with them.  Through collaborative therapeutic conversations, we are able to use each person’s unique set of hopes, beliefs, values, and commitments to decrease the influence of various difficulties in one’s life.  In essence, I help people to creatively reclaim their personal power and authority by changing how they relate to challenges in their life.” -Dr. Kate Campbell

Anger Management: Anger is a complex, yet healthy emotion as long as people express it in safe and appropriate ways.  Anger is often an important signal that something in our lives needs to change.  In my work, I help people learn to build on their strengths and resources, identify the early warning signs, and respond differently to triggers.  This enables clients to respond more effectively instead of automatically reacting and letting anger get the best of them.  Essentially, I help clients change their relationship with anger by channeling it in productive ways and using more effective coping methods.  I work with individuals, couples, and families struggling with anger from a solution-oriented and strengths-based approach.

Angry couple sitting on benchAddiction: Whether the addiction is related to sex, food, substances, shopping, or gambling, it can affect every aspect of your life.  Your mental/emotional well-being, physical health, family, relationships, and career all suffer with you.  Addictions often result from a person’s maladaptive attempts to cope with a combination of mental, emotional, physical, and relational stressors.  Over time, a person develops habitual patterns that are difficult to break leading to a vicious cycle.  Addiction can leave people feeling anxious, depressed, helpless, and sometimes even hopeless.  I use a solution-oriented approach to help people overcome the effects of addiction, build a solid foundation for recovery, repair their relationships, and ultimately reclaim their lives.

Anxiety and Stress: Anxiety and stress comes from many different sources and can wreak havoc in all aspects of a person’s life.  Anxiety can leave you feeling afraid, stressed, frantic, on edge, helpless, overwhelmed, and even depressed.  Although anxiety is sometimes caused by a physical health concern, most anxiety is a warning signal that some aspect of our lives needs to change.  It is essential to pay attention to the signs of anxiety/stress and learn the tools to cope more effectively.  My solution-oriented and strength-based approach enables people to utilize their innate strengths, resources, and past successes to overcome the effects of anxiety and stress.  Essentially, I help clients to reduce the affects of various stressors, while enhancing peace, balance, and harmony from within.

Career Development: Have you ever felt lost in life or not sure what your purpose is?  Do you feel unfulfilled or unsatisfied with your work or maybe even burnt out?  Would you like to discover how to create and sustain a passionately committed relationship with your profession?  If so, my expertise in professional development and solution-oriented approach can help you to find a meaningful path both personally and professionally.  My approach enables me to help clients overcome adversity and create positive changes in their relationships with self, others, and work leading to more balanced and harmonious lives.  I empower people to reach their optimal potential through using brief and effective therapeutic strategies.

Sad and upset woman deep in thoughtDepression: Depression is more common than people think and it can permeate all aspects of a person’s life.  With effective treatment approaches and therapeutic interventions, depression symptoms can be alleviated.  However, if untreated can leave people feeling isolated, disconnected, unhappy, unmotivated, helpless, and sometimes even hopeless.  No matter the circumstance, there is always a spark of hope!  My approach empowers people to use their strengths, resources, and innate resilience to overcome the effects of depression and move toward possibilities of greater happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  By employing a solution-oriented and strengths based approach, I support people in developing more positive thought patterns, beliefs, actions, and interactions within their personal and professional lives.

Grief/Loss: Grief is a normal response to loss and can encompass a myriad of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are unique to each person depending on their culture, background, beliefs, personality, and relationship to what was lost.  Grief may come from the death of a loved one, miscarriage, pet loss, job loss, divorce, trauma, illness, or the loss of one’s identity.  For many, the pain is unbearable and they turn to food, drugs, alcohol or any self-destructive behavior to cope.  In my work with clients, I provide a safe, supportive, compassionate, and empathetic therapeutic atmosphere where they can move through the grief process at their own pace.  I use a solution-oriented approach to help clients reduce the pain associated with the loss, learn to cope more effectively, and nurture hopes for the future.

Wildlife and Animals - ButterfliesTrauma Recovery: A traumatic event can shatter your sense of well-being and security.  When someone goes through a traumatic experience, they may feel numb, scared, shocked, confused, anxious, depressed, powerless, and unable to function.  Often times, people who have been through a traumatic experience find themselves reliving the trauma over and over again.  These normal reactions to trauma can isolate people from themselves, their relationships, and the important aspects of their personal and professional lives.  Working with a therapist is an essential part of the recovery process.  From a strength-based position, I help people to safely process their reactions to the traumatic event and develop healthier coping skills to move forward in life.  Although we cannot change the past trauma, I work with people to change their relationship with it creating more space for possibilities of relief, renewal, and recovery.

“The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.” ― Elisabeth Kübler-Ross